General Electric A-82 All Wave Receiver Instructions GEJ-638

Posted on December 29, 2019 by Jimmy Carter

Recently I came in to possession of a GE A-82 receiver after a friend was cleaning out his basement. I offered to take it off his hands as I had been wanting to become more familiar with tube radios, and specifically their design. This seemed like a good introductory project.

Included in the radio was a folded up instruction booklet numbered GEJ-638 and titled “General Eelctric All Wave Radio Receiver Models A-82 and A-87 Instructions and Service Data”. I did a quick google search online and did not find this document anywhere in electronic form, and certainly not complete. I decided to scan this document in and provide it here.

The link below directs to a PDF of the scanned document.

Instructions GEJ-638

I’ll be posting as I make progress in the project. So far I’ve cleaned the radio up and applied power. All visible filaments are glowing so the tubes seem to be good. It looks like R10, a cathode bias resistor on the IF amplifier, needs to be replaced which would explain the lack of audio.

Enjoy, KG4SGP - Jim